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Bathtub Coffee

SIMPLIFY the brewer

SIMPLIFY the brewer

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Introducing SIMPLIFY the Brewer by Bathtub Coffee

This dripper is super easy to use, utilises 185 Kalita Wave Filters and made from a durable yet sleek TROGAMID® CX by Evonik Industries AG, a BPA-free transparent nylon, which is perfect for brewers.
These brewers are made in Japan and promote a single pour brew method.
Aim to pour all of your water in the first 30 seconds of brewing, no swirls, no pulsing, no blooming, no circular pouring, only one single straight pour in the centre for 30 seconds :0

Unorthodox to traditional brewing you will need to grind incredibly fine for this style of brewing (13 Clicks on the comandante) The result is a convenient, delicate yet delicious cup of coffee. If ground too coarse you may find that the coffee is thin / over extracted... you need to grind FINE for this brewer.

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1x Simplify the brewer
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