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Cafec Flower Dripper Clear Plastic

Cafec Flower Dripper Clear Plastic

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The Flower Dripper is Cafec's signature dripper, It utilises conical filters such as the roast profile filters, Abaca filters and the Hario V60 filters.

The unique design of the dripper is made by gouging out the dripper wall. This creates the internal ribs and allows an air layer between the filter paper and dripper.

The Cafec 'Flower dripper' is given its name due to the elongated petal shape, looking at this dripper from the top down you can see a flower shape. it is at the peak of these folds that lift up the wet paper filter and typically creates a faster flow.


1x Cafec Flower Dripper Clear Plastic 1 / 4 Cup

1x Cafec coffee scoop 




Brand: Cafec


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    Generally Pour Over and Filter Coffee have a water to coffee ratio of 1:15.
    Although it is important to know that some coffee tastes better at a lower or higher ratio and that numbers are just a guide.


    Depending on a range of different factors your pour over coffee might be really quick and only last 1 minute or can last up to 10 minutes. Most pour overs generally take around 2-4 minutes and consistently long pour overs may be a result of stalling.


    The hotter your water is the higher amount of extraction will occur. Put simply, this is all you need to know but when it comes down to dialling-in your coffee you can change your water temperature to change the flavour of your coffee.

    Water For Coffee 

    The method, technique and overall recipe you use to brew your pour over coffee is known as your 'Brew Method'.
    Depending on how many pours your use, the level of agitation when pouring and the brewing equipment you use will all determin how your coffee will taste.

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