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Hario Air Drip Kettle

Hario Air Drip Kettle

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Ideal for those starting to make pour-over coffee with out an expensive stovetop / electric gooseneck kettle. The Hario Air Drip Kettle is also a fantastic solution for pour over when camping, travelling or even just making a brew at the office.

The design makes pouring easy, with a surprisingly lightweight feel and transparent material that allows you to see the movement of the water. The compact size also saves space during storage.

Winner of the 2020 Good Design Award.


  • Colour: Transparent Black
  • Capacity: Practical capacity 350ml
  • Light Weight: Approx 200g
  • Material: PCT Resin
  • Made in Japan by Hario®


1 x Hario Air Drip Kettle - Black

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