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Origami Filter Papers 100pk

Origami Filter Papers 100pk

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Made by Cafec® these papers are of high quality and made from Virgin Pulp and without any adhesives.

These papers are specifically for the Origami Drippers but can be used with most other conical coffee drippers. Please note that these paper filters are not suitable to be used with Trapezoidal (Flat bottom) coffee drippers.

We have these papers available in both a 2-Cup & 4-Cup size. 

Origami 2 Cup Origami 4 Cup
Hario 01 Hario 02

Origami Filter Size Guide:

 Hario V60 Filter Paper - 01 Size

 Hario V60 Filter Paper - 02 Size

HARIO V60 01 Clear Plastic

Cafec Flower 1 Cup Dripper Plastic

Cafec Flower 1 Cup Dripper Tritan

Origami Air Dripper (s)

Origami Dripper (s)


HARIO V60 02 Clear Plastic

HARIO V60 Switch


Cafec Flower 4 Cup Dripper Plastic

Cafec Flower 4 Cup Dripper Tritan

Origami Air Dripper (m)

Origami Dripper (m)


Brand: Origami


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Coffee Filters have a monumental impact on how your filter coffee tastes.
Some coffee filters are made from paper, cloth, metal and even banana fibres.
The shape, thickness, material and hole size all result in a different flow rate and final taste.

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