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For too long coffee drippers have been restricted to only one standard paper filter, introducing the most innovative and universal cloth coffee filter. The Aji Circle filter, a Reusable cotton coffee filter that fit’s most coffee drippers that use 01, 02, 1 cup, 4 cup, 155, 185 filters.

Aji Filters are reusable cloth coffee filters sewn here in Melbourne, Australia.

Aji Filters are made from a hand loomed 100% Natural Cotton designed to make delicious creamy pour over coffee. Best of all Aji Filters are super easy to clean and are durably sewn to last.

Cloth Filter vs Paper Filter Taste:

Cotton filters have much larger holes compared to traditional paper filters and hold back most of the coffee grounds while still letting in some of the fines and oils to make a full bodied, creamy cup of coffee.

Suitable For:

The Aji Circle Filter is designed to be used with most 01 & 02 conical coffee drippers as well as most 155 & 185 sized flat bottom coffee drippers.

How To Use:

  1. Boil your Aji Circle Filter for 10 mins.
  2. Place the Aji Filter in your dripper of choice. 
  3. Pour hot water through your filter and dripper to preheat and to set your filter and then discard of this water.
  4. Add 20g of coffee to your filter and level out the grounds to make a flat base.
  5. Pour 300g of water into your coffee in 5 seperate pours of 60 grams, wait for the water to completely filter down before starting the next pour.

Read the full instructions here.

Easy To Clean:

Aji Filters are made from a durable hand-loomed cotton that is super easy to clean, in fact majority of the spent coffee grounds will slide off with just the pressure of a running tap.

After brewing, discard your coffee grounds, invert your filter and run under water to rinse.

Read how to clean your Aji Filter here.

How To Store Your Cloth Filter:

We recommend storing your Aji Filter in a cup of water in the fridge until you are ready to brew again.

Read how to store your filter here.



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Love pour over coffee but don't love throwing away hundreds of coffee filters a year?
Aji Filter is a reusable coffee filter that is incredibly fast flowing and doesn't hinder your coffees taste.
Brew your coffee, rinse your AJI FILTER and repeat when your ready for your next coffee.


    Aji Filter have larger holes compared to paper filters, this make Aji filters flow around 30-45 seconds quicker.
    Allowing you to grind finer and extract higher.


    The larger holes in the cotton allow more coffee oils and particles to pass through, resulting in a thicker body that adds a creamy silky texture to your cup of coffee.


    Aji Filters last 2-3 year due to the high quality material used and the durable stitching.
    Save on hundreds of paper coffee filters every year.

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Aji Filters Reusable cloth coffee filter - aji cotton coffee filter Pour over coffee collection Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Aji Filters

Aji Filters are Reusable Cotton coffee Filters made here in Melbourne, Australia.Aji... 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy and sustainable!

Using the circular AJI filter has been game changing as it can fit in any dripper. It provides an easy alternative to having multiple paper filters. I’ve personally found it an easy process to use and clean between brews, keeping it in the fridge whenever I don’t need to use it. The brews don’t drastically taste too different to paper filters, however it will take a bit of time to adjusting and dialling to get the best brew out of them.

Luke Orr
Saving the turtles part 2

Like the first, solid quality. If you thought the v60 aji filter was easy to clean, this one is even easier. What's better is that it fits almost any dripper. The turtles will thank you.

Thanks so much for the review Luke!
So happy that you had a great experience with us and I hope you enjoy the coffee with your Aji Filter :)

- Basic Barista Team