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Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Ball

Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Ball

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Introducing the Coffee Alive Espresso Chilling Ball, a revolutionary way to chill your espresso without dilution.

This stainless steel ball is designed to quickly and evenly cool your espresso, while preserving its flavour and aroma. By cold extract the first 40% of your espresso you are able to capture a huge amount of volatile aromatic compounds resulting in a fantastic tasting espresso.
Simply freeze the ball overnight, then place it under your espresso shot.

The Espresso Chilling Ball is made from high quality, food grade stainless steel that is safe for use with coffee.

In addition to espresso, the Espresso Chilling Ball can also be used for pour over coffee and the large fins can comfortable sit on most espresso cups all the way to larger mugs and servers, accomodating a range of brewing techniques.

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Does Extract Chilling Actually work?

As we wrap our heads around the world of extract chilling, we're standing at the gateway to a whole new level of coffee enjoyment. With each chilled extraction, you're preserving delicate notes, and creating a vibrant structure of taste. Extract Chilling Espresso isn't just a fancy trick, it's a revolution in the science of coffee. It opens the door to richer, more nuanced espressos, forever changing how we experience the world of coffee.

Why Not Just Use a Ball Bearing?

Ball Bearings work great for Extract Chilling but you do encounter some issue when looking for something suitable to use for coffee.

Ball bearings can be quite effective for extract cooling but present a series of problems when used for coffee. First, it would be the material: stainless steel is fine, but most bearings sold as stainless steel aren't the real thing and have some sort of oil or lubricational coating applied to them.

The next problem is sizing. If the ball bearing is too small, it won't be able to stay cold for a long period of time, if too big it ruins the flavour of your espresso.

The final problem is how the ball bearing should be held under the espresso. While this can be slotted under another dripper for pour over, it's hard to do for espresso.

Another solution would be tea strainers or sink strainers, however the Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Balls fix all these issues effectively and is the perfect size to extract chill coffee.

Height Adjustable:

We especially love how the Extract chilling balls from Coffee Alive are height adjustable. For those low clearance tight spaces under the portafilter simply flip the ball around and have the ball face downward in the cup. This helps to free up a lot of space and can accomodate a range of different commercial and domestic machines with low clearance.

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  • Made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel
  • Adjustable Height
  • Convenient hook to hang inside your freezer
  • Quickly and evenly cools espresso without dilution
  • Preserves otherwise lost flavour and aroma of espresso
  • Multi-purpose: can be used for chilled espresso & pour over coffee

How to use:

Freeze the Espresso Extract Chilling Ball overnight.
Place the frozen ball under your freshly brewed espresso.
Remove after the first 40% of the espresso has been extracted.
Enjoy your coffee


1x / 3x Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Ball (Silver / 24k Gold Plated)

1x Silk carry bag

Brand: Coffee Alive


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Running the first 40% of your espresso shot over a cold spherical surface such as the Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Ball can capture up to 40% volatile aromatic compounds that would otherwise be lost.
Increasing the body, textural mouthfeel and overall flavours of your espresso shot.

Espresso blanching tools such as the Coffee Alive ball represent the new wave of post-extraction coffee flavour enhancements.


    Washed coffees (aka wet process) use water to remove the coffee seed from the cherry. This has the least amount of contact with the fruit and has a clean and often creamy taste. Washed coffees are commonly known to carry more flavours from the origin, terroir and variety rather than the processing flavours.


    Natural coffees were popularised by producing countries that did not have as much access to water, this processing technique has since been adopted all over the world and tends to carry through a rich fruity flavour from the extended contact with the coffee cherries,


    There are many coffees that fall into this third category of coffee processing, the most popular being Anaerobic fermentation and Carbonic Fermentation (CM).
    Expect funky fruity notes and an intense alcohol / boozey taste

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The only way I make espresso

I use this daily!
Once you try extract-chilled espresso you can't go back!
The hook is great for hanging up in my fridge.

Paul L
Great espresso tool

Great tool, freezes fast and makes a big difference on my espresso.


Husband loved the gift and definitely recommends to any people who are coffee fans!