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Nano Foamer V2 Lithium

Nano Foamer V2 Lithium

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This ultra-powerful, rechargeable, handheld milk foamer makes premium cafe-quality microfoam milk for latte art at home. Perfect foam for your cappuccino, cafe latte, or flat white, and includes a free Latte Art MasterClass with the purchase.

Microfoam milk has bubbles so fine, you don’t even see them anymore, the milk is transformed into a velvety texture. Pouring this milk is more like pouring wet paint, than it is pouring foamy milk.

New Features:

•New stainless steel housing

•On/Off digital switch

•Multi-touch two-speed option using rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion battery.

•Snap-on nano screens

•IP4 Waterproof rating

•Improved hood cover

•Improved wall mount

As this is the Lithium version you can recharge your nanofoamer with the USB-C port and included USB to USB-C cable.


1x Subminimal Nano Foamer V2 Litium (rechargeable edition)


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