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Colombia El Indio Natural Caturra

Colombia El Indio Natural Caturra

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Notes: Passionfruit, White Chocolate, Orange, Mandarin, Red Wine

Region: El Indio, Colombia

Varietal: Caturra, Arabica

Process: Natural (Read about processing methods here)

MASL: 11550-2150

Roast: Filter

Size: 15g / 250g / 500g

This coffee is grown in Tolima region of Colombia, This coffee is produced by the ASOPEP members. The association is made up of 175 coffee farming families. Farmers deliver selective hand-picked cherries to the ASOPOP association where the cherries are hand sorted, fermented, and placed on raised beds to dry. Moisture readings are taken and coffee is dried until it reaches an 11% moisture content.

This coffee is very funky, while developed long enough to round out the fermented characteristics and highlight more of the chocolatey and fruit notes.

Available in 15g single dose tubes, 250g bag or 500g sizes.

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