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RDT Spray Bottle - Matte Black Metal

RDT Spray Bottle - Matte Black Metal

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RDT stands for Ross Droplet Technique, in summary adding a small amount of water to your dose of coffee before grinding will reduce the overall static and result in less retention in your grinder.

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Why RDT matters:

This method can be achieved by using a cup of water and a spoon, simply use the back of a spoon to dip into the water and then stir this wet spoon through your dose of coffee. However many people prefer using these spray bottles as they are closed off and don't risk spilling, they are refillable and dispense the perfect amount of water every time. These spray bottles in particular and made from Aluminium and coated in a matte black finish to suit all your favourite brewing equipment.

The 50ml capacity may seem small but with around 0.1ml of liquid exiting every spray you will only be refilling your spray bottle after every 500 sprays.

Can I use this for my grinder?

It is important to note that you should double check that your grinder is using burrs that are coated and suitable to withstand small amounts of water otherwise you run the risk of rusting your burrs or causing damage to your grinder. The Comandante MK3 & MK4 grinders are suitable to use this technique. So is the Timemore C3 Coffee Hand Grinder.

What water can I use?

Regular tap water is more than fine however if you have filtered or distilled water accessible we recommend using these.


  • Aluminium coated matte black finish 
  • Plastic pump nozzle + clear cap
  • 50ml Capacity
  • Reusable, simply unscrew cap and refill with water.


1 x RDT Reusable Metal Spray Bottle - Matte Black

RDT Ross Droplet Technique Spray Bottle coffee Gear Basic Barista Melbourne Australia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Useful and durable

I've been using this rdt bottle for a few months now. It's quite sturdy and seems durable. Overall, it gets the job done.


Nice and sturdy