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Nucleus Paragon Espresso - Extract Chilling Rocks

Nucleus Paragon Espresso - Extract Chilling Rocks

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Nucleus Coffee Tools


Experience the wonders of Extract Chilling with the Nucleus Paragon Espresso Chilling Rock Set. Crafted in collaboration with Nucleus Coffee Tools and Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW), this innovation enhances your coffee's flavours via extract chilling.

Backed By Science

ZHAW's groundbreaking research on volatile aroma compounds revealed that instant cooling during extraction captures these elements, resulting in aromatic, flavour-packed coffees.

The Paragon Chilling Rock is meticulously designed for coffee enthusiasts, featuring titanium-coated stainless steel for exceptional durability. Filled with a high-density liquid, these rocks maintain the perfect temperature for effective extraction chilling, ensuring even and rapid cooling.

The Paragon Espresso Mount

Our custom-designed Paragon Espresso Mount provides stability for the Chilling Rock. It effortlessly fits on any cup, with adjustable height to accommodate various cup sizes and coffee machines. Anti-slip grips ensure a secure fit.

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Key Features

  • Unleash richer flavours and otherwise lost aromas

  • Built to last with durable materials

  • User-friendly design for hassle-free use

What's Included

4 x Paragon Chilling Rocks

2 x Paragon Espresso Mounts

How to Use

  1. Place the Paragon Espresso Mount on top of your cup.
  2. Set a Paragon Chilling Rock on the mount.
  3. Pull your espresso shot as usual.
  4. Watch as the espresso is instantly cooled, sealing in the exquisite flavours.
  5. Remove your espresso after the first 50% of your shot has been pulled.
  6. Enjoy your extract chilled espresso!


  • Mount: (W) 34mm x (L) 120mm

  • Rock: (Diameter) 30mm

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Running the first 40% of your espresso shot over a cold spherical surface such as the Coffee Alive Extract Chilling Ball can capture up to 40% volatile aromatic compounds that would otherwise be lost.
Increasing the body, textural mouthfeel and overall flavours of your espresso shot.

Espresso blanching tools such as the Coffee Alive ball represent the new wave of post-extraction coffee flavour enhancements.


    Washed coffees (aka wet process) use water to remove the coffee seed from the cherry. This has the least amount of contact with the fruit and has a clean and often creamy taste. Washed coffees are commonly known to carry more flavours from the origin, terroir and variety rather than the processing flavours.


    Natural coffees were popularised by producing countries that did not have as much access to water, this processing technique has since been adopted all over the world and tends to carry through a rich fruity flavour from the extended contact with the coffee cherries,


    There are many coffees that fall into this third category of coffee processing, the most popular being Anaerobic fermentation and Carbonic Fermentation (CM).
    Expect funky fruity notes and an intense alcohol / boozey taste

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Makes a big difference!

I was shocked when I used these, straight away it made a huge difference and it's hard to make coffee with out them.
Great customer service and shipping was speedy, thanks!