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Willyan Zambrano Colombia Seven Seeds Single Origin Filter Roast

Willyan Zambrano Colombia Seven Seeds Single Origin Filter Roast

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Seven Seeds Willyan Zambrano Colombia is a Filter roasted Single Origin coffee, this coffee is a light roast, it is lush and Juicy with notes of Jam, Candy Floss, Raspberry Lemonade. Perfect to use for filter and pour over coffee brewing.

This coffee is packaged in a 100% recyclable coffee bag. These bags can go straight into your recycling bin at home, making it that much easier to dispose of. 

Coffee Info:

ORIGIN: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: Fully Washed

ALTITUDE: 1750 masl

HARVEST: October to December

The team at Seven Seeds is thrilled to reintroduce Willyan Zambrano's coffee to their menu, marking a notable return of a fan favorite from the previous year. Esteemed for its exceptional roasting and brewing qualities, this batch originates from Pitalito, Huila. Here, Willyan, alongside his wife, Maria Esther Lopez, cultivates remarkable coffees on their farm, La Montañita, primarily focusing on Pink Bourbon. Last year, Seven Seeds posited that Pink Bourbon was a recessive and unstable natural mutation between red and yellow bourbon, challenging its consistent cultivation. However, recent insights have shifted this perception.

It has been discovered that Pink Bourbon, indigenous to Huila, was identified by a producer who noticed its unique pink-toned cherries and similarities to the Bourbon variety. Current scientific studies suggest that Pink Bourbon shares a closer genetic link to Ethiopia's landrace coffees, establishing it as a distinct varietal. This revelation adds a touch of romance and undeniable allure to the coffee.

Furthermore, Seven Seeds has committed to deepening its ties with Colombian producers. Their sourcing team's goal is to fortify existing relationships and forge new, exclusive partnerships, focusing on securing AA/AAA grade coffee from La Montañita for each harvest. In a bid to directly support Willyan and Maria, a retail pricing strategy has been implemented. This strategy includes a direct financial bonus to the couple, over and above the payments made to their sourcing partners, Caravela. This gesture acknowledges the exceptional quality of their coffee and symbolizes the strengthening bond between Seven Seeds and the producers.

Available in:

250g Recyclable Bag / 1kg Recyclable Bag

Brand: Seven Seeds


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