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Hario V60 Filter Papers 100pk

Hario V60 Filter Papers 100pk

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Hario V60 Filter Paper are the no-thrills coffee filters for Hario V60 coffee drippers and many other cone-shaped coffee drippers. These filters are incredibly consistent and have a medium flow rate (not too fast and not too slow).

Even with such high paper quality we recommend wetting your papers with boiling water prior to brewing as this will improve overall flavour and help to stabilise your brewers temperature. 

HARIO Filter Size Guide:

 Hario V60 Filter Paper - 01 Size

Hario (V60 01 Dripper)
Cafec (1-2 Cup)
Origami (S)
Kono (1-2 Cup)

 Hario V60 Filter Paper - 02 Size

Hario (V60 02 Dripper)
Cafec (2-4 Cup)
Kono (2-4 Cup)


1x Hario V60 Filter Papers 100pk '01'/'02' Size

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