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Evin Moreno Honduras Seven Seeds Single Origin Filter Roast

Evin Moreno Honduras Seven Seeds Single Origin Filter Roast

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Evin Moreno Hondura from Seven Seeds is a Filter roasted Single Origin coffee, this coffee is a light roast, it is Bright and vibrant with tasting notes of Black Plum, Postmix Cola, Cosmopolitan. Perfect to use for filter and pour over coffee brewing.

This coffee is packaged in a 100% recyclable coffee bag. These bags can go straight into your recycling bin at home, making it that much easier to dispose of. 

Coffee Info:

ORIGIN: El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras


PROCESS:Fully Washed

ALTITUDE: 1620 masl

HARVEST: December to June

The team at Seven Seeds is thrilled to reintroduce Evin, a young and innovative coffee producer from Santa Barbara, Honduras, alongside his wife Alma, has captured the attention of the coffee community for four years with their exceptional coffees from their farm, La Montanita. This year, they have provided two distinct lots, showcasing the unique qualities of their produce.

One of these lots features the SL-28 varietal, a strain with a storied past, originally developed in the 1930s in Kenya for its drought resistance and high yield. It has since become renowned for its superior cup quality and is favored by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Evin's rendition of the SL-28 varietal is a testament to the rich history and beloved characteristics of this coffee, enhanced by the unique terroir of La Montanita and the meticulous production methods employed by Evin and Alma.

This year, the couple has prioritized pruning and rejuvenating their coffee trees, an approach that, while reducing their commercial output, promises to maintain, if not enhance, the quality of their future harvests. Recognizing the potential financial challenge this might pose, Seven Seeds has willingly paid a premium for these lots. This decision not only acknowledges the exceptional quality of the coffee but also supports Evin and Alma's long-term vision, ensuring that such high-quality coffee continues to be available in the future.

Available in:

250g Recyclable Bag / 1kg Recyclable Bag

Brand: Seven Seeds


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    Washed coffees (aka wet process) use water to remove the coffee seed from the cherry. This has the least amount of contact with the fruit and has a clean and often creamy taste. Washed coffees are commonly known to carry more flavours from the origin, terroir and variety rather than the processing flavours.


    Natural coffees were popularised by producing countries that did not have as much access to water, this processing technique has since been adopted all over the world and tends to carry through a rich fruity flavour from the extended contact with the coffee cherries,


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