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100pk Hario 02 filters

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Hario’s exceptional quality and consistency is shown especially when it comes to their paper filters.

We chose the 02 size as it currently fits all our Hario branded brewers available. The 02 size is the perfect brewer size as it can be used to brew 1-4 cups easily.

Even with such high paper quality we recommend wetting your papers with boiling water prior to brewing as this will improve overall flavour and help to stabilise your brewers temperature. 

A Basic Barista V60 recipe:

Using your V60 Dripper, your Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle, your Rhino hand Grinder and your V60 Drip Scales we are going to make our first recipe!

  1. Weigh out 15grams of coffee beans, grind to a gritty grind size, something that resembles a fine salt like consistency.
  2. Place your filter in the V60 and the V60 on a mug/vessel. This is your set up.
  3. Pre-wet/heat your set up by pouring enough hot water on to the filter paper that it is fully submerged. Wait for it to drain and be sure to dispose of that water.
  4. Place your set up onto your scales and add your coffee grinds.
  5. Bloom your coffee by adding 30g of hot water to your grinds. When your grinds come in contact with water we are going to start our timer. (If you are using a different amount of ground coffee we want to double the weight used for our bloom).
  6. After 30 seconds continue to pour another 250 grams of hot water in a slow circular motion, try to not hit the filter walls and try not to pour straight in the centre.
  7. Your total brew time should be around 2 mins give or take 15seconds. If you find your brewing way shorter or longer you will need to adjust your grind size of your beans.