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Cafec Abaca Filter Papers '1 Cup'

Cafec Abaca Filter Papers '1 Cup'

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Cafec have made these filter papers by only using eco-friendly materials, specifically  ABACA (Manila Hemp) and Wood pulp sourced from a forestation project.

These filters are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, They are eco friendly, 100% compostable and Biodegradable.

Cafec create these ABACA filters utilising a 'creping' method where folds are formed on both sides of the paper, you can physically feel the folds as the filters surface are textured. This promotes a smooth water flow when brewing and prevents blockages or choking.

These filters are suitable for 01 and 1 cup sized drippers, we also have the Abaca filter papers available in the larger 02 and 4 cup size.

Small 1-2 Cup Size >
Hario 01

Cafec 1 Cup

AJI #01

Kalita 155

Origami S

Large 1-4 Cup Size >
Hario 02 Cafec 4 Cup AJi #02 Kalita 185 Origami M


  • FSC Certified 
  • ABACA fibres are 4x stronger and 1/2 the thickness of traditional wood fibres 
  • Air Dried & Double - 'Creped' 
  • 100% Sustainable
  • Compostable & Biodegradable
  • Made in Japan


1x 100Pk Abaca 1 Cup Filters

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