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Orea Negotiator Tool - White

Orea Negotiator Tool - White

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The Orea Negotiator Tool is designed to accommodate a wide range of paper filters, making it the perfect addition to your Orea V3 155 or 185 coffee maker.

This 3D-printed tool assists in setting and 'negotiates' a range of paper filters into your V3. While this tool was specifically made for the Orea Circle Filter Papers I have loved to negotiate the classic Kalita Wave filters directly into the Orea dripper to create a flat filter brewer along the walls.

While the Negotiator is currently open source, meaning anyone can download the design and print their own. We understand that not everyone has access to a 3D printer. 

We currently only have the 185 size Negotiator tool, this is suitable and can be used on both the Orea V3 155 & 185 drippers.


1x White 3D Printed Orea V3 Negotiator Tool (185) 

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