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V60 Drip Scales

V60 Drip Scales

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No matter what recipe or what type of brew method you are planning on making you need a set of scales. Whether it is to weigh your dose, the hot water you use, your yield you have extracted or even the time, these scales will assist you in measuring all of these variables!

With a digital LCD screen and only 2 flush buttons it is incredibly easy to navigate and use. The V60 Drip Scale’s are capable of weighing up to 2000g, Which allows you a to weigh for a vast range of different applications.

Some of the features include:

  • Built in timer, with auto-off mode after 5mins
  • Tare and weight displayed in grams
  • 2x AAA batteries are included
  • Weighing capacity of 2000g
  • Accurate to the 0.1 of a gram

One of the most crucial measurements in brewing (especially with pour over coffee) is the weight and time. For someone who wants to improve their technique and be able to measure both of these then this scale is for you. Currently we stock this product in matte black as seen in the photos above.

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