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Perfect coffee Water 4L

Perfect coffee Water 4L

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Transform your coffee brewing with our mineral-enhanced water, specifically balanced for coffee enthusiasts. Tailor your coffee's taste to perfection with our 15 packet box, each formulated to make 1 gallon of coffee-enhancing water. 

Perfect Coffee Water - Water Brewing Minerals for Coffee Brewing Pour Over Espresso Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Gear

About Perfect coffee Water:

Perfect Coffee Water, founded by Courtland and Garrett King, represents a passion project turned into a mission to enhance coffee brewing. Their combined expertise in specialty coffee and academic research underpins the company's foundation. The brand, rooted in extensive collaboration with industry experts, aims to improve the coffee experience while also contributing to clean water initiatives in coffee-growing communities. Beyond their business, the Kings are avid enthusiasts of the outdoors and family life.


  • Tailored for Taste: Designed to improve coffee flavour through re-mineralization.
  • Espresso Compatibility: Slightly harder than typical recommendations; dilution options available for scale management.
  • Quality Assurance: pH balanced for safe consumption, providing a beneficial mineral boost.
  • High Quality Minerals: made from Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride

How To Use Perfect Coffee Water:

  1. Tear open 1 Sachet of Perfect Coffee Water.
  2. Add contents to 4L / 1 Gallon of distilled water and shake.
  3. Pour into your kettle and you are ready to start brewing.

Optimal Results: Use whole packet to maintain precise mineral ratios.

Is Perfect Coffee Water for Pour Over or Espresso?

This sachet is optimised for pour-over brewing. For use in espresso machines, it's advised to check with the manufacturer due to its slightly harder mineral content. To prevent scale buildup, consider diluting the sachet in double the water volume. For further dilution guidance, customer support can provide a detailed chart here.


    1x Perfect coffee Water 4L (3pk / 15pk)



    Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride

    Brand: Perfect Coffee Water


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    The water you use to brew coffee with will largely impact the final taste to your coffee.
    Mineralising water to brew coffee with will have a monumental effect on the taste.


      You can make your own water to brew with, purchasing bulk minerals to brew with are cheap and accessible online.
      That being said this is the hardest approach to go about making brew water for coffee.

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      Aquacode, Third Wave, Apax Lab are all pre made profiles of water minerals.
      This is the easiest option to make great tasting coffee, simply add your minerals into water and use this to brew coffee with.


      To test the effects that certain minerals have on coffee you can brew up a batch of coffee, pour this into multiple cups and add different minerals to each sample to taste the difference.

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