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Origami Pinot Cup

Origami Pinot Cup

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The Origami Pinot Cup is made from the same Mino-Yaki porcelain found in the famous Origami Drippers however it has a much rougher matte finish adding to the tactile texture and experience of drinking coffee. 

Take your coffee experience to the next level with the Pinot Cup from Origami Japan!  Each Origami Pinot Flavour Cup was crafted in Mino, Japan a city well-known for it’s ceramic craftsmanship for over 400 years.

The makers of Origami designed it to be the shape of a wine glass for you to enjoy an unparalleled aromatic coffee experience.

The cup is without a handle, allowing you to wrap your hands around the cup to awaken your sense of touch, adding to the experience.

The enhanced aroma affects the flavour and your overall experience by highlighting and intensifying your coffee's natural flavours.


1x Origami Pinot Cup - Textured Black / Gloss White

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