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Orea V3 Dripper Basalt 185

Orea V3 Dripper Basalt 185

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The Orea V3 dripper is the latest version to be available, newly stocked in Australia this dripper is made from a durable Food safe Polycarbonate that wont crack and accompanied by interchangeable, colourful bases made from post consumer recycled plastics.

The chosen material, Polycarbonate has the lowest thermal conductivity rate from any plastic we could find. It acts as an insulator - which you will notice as you brew. It's so good at insulating (or so bad at heat transfer) that we don't need a handle or a sleeve, because it doesn't get too hot to the touch. This means that the heat and energy remains in the coffee bed while brewing, rather than escaping. This will increase extraction and we find that it brings more sweetness in the cup.

The base on the Orea V3 is larger than previous models and will fit most carafes / servers. The base of the V3 is made of recycled materials such as bottles and disposable face masks.

The base is detachable and can be interchanged, Bases for the Orea V3 are sold separately here.


The Orea V3 is available in 2 sizes, 155 & 185. The Orea dripper can be used with Kalita wave style filters and are made to fit the respective size.

You can also use the Orea Flat Circle Filters paired with a Negotiator with the Orea V3 as well as the Sibarist Fast Flat filters.


1x Orea V3 dripper 185 Basalt

1x Orea V3 Base (Matte Punk, Matte Supernova or Candy)

Orea V3 Negotiator tool Melbourne Australia

Orea V3 Review Basic Barista Melbourne Australia Coffee Dripper

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