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Hario V60 Mugen Dripper

Hario V60 Mugen Dripper

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The Hario V60 Mugen Dripper is the latest dripper to be released by Hario and aims to accomodate for single pour styles of brewing. The V60 Mugen achieves a much quicker draw down (under 2 min total brew time) by having a smooth surface apposed to a traditional V60 with fins that lift off the paper filter.

The V60 Mugen dripper is made from a clear tinted AS Resin with the holder made from a Polypropylene material. This dripper is flat and instead of having folds this dripper features a much smaller star shape to help funnel the coffee downwards.

Single Pour Recipe:

  1. Set your filter by folding against the crease and rinse starting from the centre and pour outwards, be sure to discard of this water.
  2. Add 20g of coffee at around 20 Clicks on the Comandante.
  3. Start pouring water in circles starting slowly from the centre and increase the flow as you continue.
  4. Finnish when you have reached a 1:12.5 Brew Ration or 250g in this case.
  5. Flip the dripper around over a bin and push the filter out from the bottom.


Dripper - AS Resin 

Handle - Polypropylene


1x V60 Mugen Dripper

1x Holder

Suitable Filters:

Hario V60 02 x100Pk

Hario V60 02 x40Pk

Cafec Roast Profile filters (4Cup size)

Cafec Abaca Papers (4Cup size)

Origami Filters (1-4Cup Large Size)

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