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Fellow Atmos Coffee Bean Vacuum Canister

Fellow Atmos Coffee Bean Vacuum Canister

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The Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister is your perfect solution to old stale coffee. As soon as you open your bag of coffee the beans are exposed to air and start to oxidise, this is increased dramatically if your coffee is exposed to sunlight and is why the last little bit of your coffee tastes a bit flat and nowhere near as vibrant as when you first opened your bag of coffee.

Built into the lid of the canister is a vacuum pump, simply place your freshly roasted coffee beans into the canister, close the lid and twist back and forth to remove the oxygen and create a vacuum seal. 

Sizing Guide:

Container 0.4L  0.7L 1.2L
170g of coffee 280g of coffee 450g of coffee
Height 9cm 12cm



  • Made from a durable food grade stainless steel coated in textured matte black finish.
  • Green indicator will drop down to let you know when to stop twisting
  • Easy release button in the centre of the lid releases all the air at once (very satisfying)
  • Airtight silicon seal, stops moisture and odours from seeping in.

Please note:
Do not store ground substances, like ground coffee or flour in the Atmos. This may clog the vacuum lid and prevent a proper vacuum seal.
Do not clean in the dishwasher. For best cleaning practices, please refer to the Atmos Safety Instructions.


1x Fellow Atmos Coffee Bean Vacuum Canister 0.4L / 0.7L / 1.2L 


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