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Cafec Roast Specific Filter Papers 40Pk

Cafec Roast Specific Filter Papers 40Pk

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Cafec has created these paper filters using 'creping' techniques to alter the different amount of thickness and folds (texture) in the individual filters by doing this you are left with a filter that brings out certain characteristics and holds back others. 

The Roast specific filter papers are available in 3 different roast levels (Light, Medium and Dark) and in 2 different sized packs (40pk & 100pk). 

All of these filters are made from 100% sustainable, Compostable and Biodegradable fibres, No Glues or adhesives are used in these filters and no wood is used in the paper making process. These filters are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified.


Available to purchase individually


"BUNDLE's include 1 of each filter 

Light Roast T-92

The Light Roast Profile T-92 filters are 0.15mm in thickness, high density and are only 'creped' on the outside. The high density and low surface area trap the fine coffee ground particles and result in a typically longer draw down time, this means that the water is in contact with the coffee for a longer amount of time and boosts the aromatics.

Due to the high density paper trapping the coffee fines this will result in a smooth clean cup of coffee. 

Medium Roast T-90

The Medium Roast Profile T-90 filters are 0.28mm in thickness, low density and are 'creped' on both the inside & outside of the filter. The Low density in conjunction with the two-sided crepe allows for the quickest draw down time and results in a balanced rich flavour profile.

Dark Roast T-83

The Dark Roast Profile T-83 Filters are 0.22mm in thickness, medium density between the T-92 and the T-90 filters. These filters are 'creped' on both sides just like the T-90 filters but with a lower height of the crepe making the surface area only slightly larger then the one-sided 'crepe' filters. This makes for a 2-phase draw down speed, the first half of your brew you should experience a fast easy flow with the secondary half slowing down to a gentle stream. Resulting in a smooth body and brings out a heightened sweetness.


Measurement: 125 x 128mm


Virgin Pulp

Brand: Cafec


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Coffee Filters have a monumental impact on how your filter coffee tastes.
Some coffee filters are made from paper, cloth, metal and even banana fibres.
The shape, thickness, material and hole size all result in a different flow rate and final taste.

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