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Sibarist Fast Flat Specialty Coffee Filters

Sibarist Fast Flat Specialty Coffee Filters

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Sibarist Fast Specialty Coffee Filters are created to increase the extraction rate of your brew by 40%, This all-organic paper filter allows you to grind finer and adjust you variables to bring out the most of your pour over coffee.

Sibarist filters are manufactured in Barcelona using traceable organic materials like certified cellulose fibres from European pine plantations, plant-derived Polylactic acid, and Abaca fibres ( a natural fibre grown in Ecuador and the Philippines.)

By paying extra care to the sourcing and processing of the raw materials, Sibarist is able to create an exceptional specialty paper filter that has increased permeability and zero paper taste.


40% faster extraction rate - More porous than most paper coffee filters.

Unlock new flavour profiles - Faster extraction rate offers new opportunities to reinvent their recipes and experience favourite beans in a new way.

No choking - Higher permeability of the Fast filter, the grind size for brewing on the V60 is no longer limited.

Organic - Sibarist keeps a close eye on the sources of its raw materials to ensure 100% organic products.

Flat bottom Filters - The perfect mould to fit into Orea, Origami or Kalita drippers


1 x Sibarist Fast Flat Specialty Coffee Filters in 185 size 25/100pk

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