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Reusable Coffee Ground Air Duster Cleaner

Reusable Coffee Ground Air Duster Cleaner

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This Reusable Air Duster is perfect for cleaning computer keyboards and camera lenses but in addition to this they also make for fantastic coffee grinder cleaners.

Over time coffee grinders of all shapes and sizes build up with oil and fines that can make your coffee taste really bad. 

How to clean most coffee grinders:

In most cases cleaning your coffee grinder will usually mean to brush away and dislodge the fine coffee grounds then to blow them out of your grinder with the duster.

  1. Disassembly: First you want to disassemble your coffee grinder to a point that is recommended by the coffee grinder manufacturer. This might mean to just remove crank and catch cup for some grinders or it might mean removing the entire burr sets of your grinder.
  2. Brush: After your grinder has been disassembled to an adequate level, use a coffee grinder brush to remove all the remaining chaff and coffee particles and will also help to loosen up anything that has stuck on over time.
  3. Blow: Use the coffee ground air duster to blast the coffee grounds out of hard to reach corners and remove any remaining fines from your coffee grinder.
  4. Wipe (not always applicable): Using a slightly damp cloth wipe away any remaining coffee oils and fine coffee particles that haven't been already removed.
    Please note that this last step will depend on what grinder you have and you should seek to read the manufacturers instructions on how to clean your model of grinder.


Red nose: 5cm x 1cm
Body: 12cm x 6cm
Total: 17cm x 6cm


1x Reusable Coffee Ground Air Duster Cleaner

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Better than canned air

Better than canned air