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Origami Sensory Cup

Origami Sensory Cup

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The Origami Sensory Cup is made from the same Mino-Yaki porcelain found in the famous Origami Drippers.

Take your coffee experience to the next level with the new Sensory Cup from Origami Japan!  Developed jointly with World Brewers Cup Champion Du Jianing, the Sensory Flavour Cup is designed to capture, enhance and retain the coffee's aroma.

The enhanced aroma affects the flavour and your overall experience by highlighting and intensifying your coffee's natural flavours.

These Origami cups available in pastel pink and can hold up to 300-350ml of water each, ample enough for one person however we recommend filling up to around the half way point for an optimum sensory experience.


1x Origami Sensory Cup - (Pink / White)

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