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Orea Wave Big Boy Filters

Orea Wave Big Boy Filters

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Theses filters are Orea's take on the Kalita Wave paper filters that their brewers were designed to use initially.
With similar brew times but much cleaner, more transparent results. A premium paper stock from Japan is the basis of our new wave-shaped paper. and built for the Big Boy Brewer.

Compatible with the Big Boy Brewer

This paper is suitable to be used with the Orea Big Boy Brewer

Orea Big Boy Brewer Basic Barista Coffee Brewing Equipment pour over batch brew pourer

Plug & play 

This is the easiest way to use the Orea range of products, simply drop the filter in and pre wet before adding your dose of coffee and brewing. No folding or Orea Negotiator needed when using these.



Brand: Orea


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Coffee Filters have a monumental impact on how your filter coffee tastes.
Some coffee filters are made from paper, cloth, metal and even banana fibres.
The shape, thickness, material and hole size all result in a different flow rate and final taste.

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