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Hario V60 Switch Immersion Glass Dripper

Hario V60 Switch Immersion Glass Dripper

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The Hario Immersion Switch Dripper Set allows you to brew coffee in an immersion style meaning your coffee grounds sit in the V60 and steep for as long as you want your brew to last.

Once you are happy with your brew time simply flick the switch to allow the coffee to draw down and filter into your cup/ vessel.

This product is requires  V60 filters 'size 02' or the equivalent filter size.


1x Glass V60 02 Dripper

1x Switch Attachment

1x 40pk V60 02 filters

3 Recipes to brew on the Hario Switch:

The Hario switch can brew coffee in an endless amount of ways, this is due to the valve that can turn your V60 into an immersion brewer. Brewing immersion compared to percolation unlocks a whole other side to your coffee that you may never have known existed. If you are feeling really experimental push your brew to the next level by brewing a hybrid style of the two. Learn 3 recipes to start you off brewing on the Hario switch.

Suitable Filters:

Hario V60 02 100pk

Aji Filter Conical 02 

3 Recipes to try on the Hario Switch coffee dripper Hario Switch Pour over brew guide Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee gear Brew recipe

Brand: Hario


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