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Fellow Prismo AeroPress Adaptor

Fellow Prismo AeroPress Adaptor

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The Prismo Aeropress Adaptor by Fellow is designed to build up pressure with the pressure actuated valve to get you that thicker body coffee, crema-like consistency on top and overall espresso-like properties.

This handy gadget acts as a valve which is also extremely useful for brewing more AeroPress traditional recipes, brewing directly over your vessel is super easy with the Prismo, it’s ‘No Drip Seal’ stops dangerous spills and allows you to control exactly when you extract your brewed coffee. No matter what style coffee you are making never worry about loosing your yield again! 

The Prismo enhances your AeroPress brewing experience with the reusable stainless steel metal filter. Perfect for espresso-style recipes, full-immersion, cold brew filtration, hot or cold brewed teas and many more, we explore loads of different recipes on our TikTok account, be sure to check it out for some inspiration!

In the box:

1x Prismo.

1x Reusable stainless steel filter.

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