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Espro Bloom Dripper

Espro Bloom Dripper

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Engineered for faster extraction and superior taste, the Espro Bloom Dripper brews flavourful pour-over coffee in as little as two minutes. Its patented flat bottom and 1502 precision-etched filter hold back the coffee grounds and evenly extract flavour for optimal taste. Dual mode brewing offers greater convenience, and paper filters are not always required.

Experience the pinnacle of pour-over coffee brewing with the Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper. This groundbreaking coffee maker is designed to elevate your coffee's flavour extraction, delivering unparalleled taste in just minutes.

At the heart of the Bloom Dripper lies its patented design, revolutionising your brewing process. With a unique recessed bed geometry, this pour-over dripper safeguards your precious coffee grounds during brewing, ensuring optimal water distribution for a consistently perfect brew every single time. Say goodbye to under-extracted or over-extracted cups of coffee.

Featuring an integrated 1502 precision-etched filter, the Bloom Dripper enables even extraction, allowing your coffee to steep to its peak flavour potential. What's more, this innovative filter design enhances the brewing speed, finishing a remarkable 30% faster than traditional pour-over methods, even when working with finely ground coffee. Plus, the Bloom Dripper offers versatility with its dual-mode brewing capability, accommodating both paper filters and non-paper alternatives.

Espro Bloom Features:

  1. Unique Brewer Design: The steep angles on the cone create heightened water height and head pressure, optimising the extraction process for a superior cup of coffee.

  2. Even Extraction: The recessed bed geometry ensures that every drop of water interacts evenly with the coffee grounds, guaranteeing consistent extraction throughout the brew.

  3. Precision-Etched Filter: With 1502 precision-etched flared holes in a curved bottom, this filter facilitates a fast flow, ensuring efficient extraction while maintaining impeccable taste.

  4. Cup Window: Keep a close eye on your coffee's progress with the convenient opening on the base, allowing you to monitor the level of coffee in your cup or carafe.

  5. Thermal Silicon Sleeve: The Bloom Dripper is designed for both functionality and user comfort. Its thermal silicon sleeve features 136 molded air pockets, providing excellent insulation and protecting your hands from heat.

Your purchase of the Espro Bloom Pour Over Dripper includes 10 Bloom Paper Filters, enabling you to start your coffee journey right away. We also stock the Espro Bloom Filter Papers

Espro Bloom Coffee Filter Papers Frilled coffee filter paper Basic Barista Espro papers Bloom coffee paper filter

Unlock the true potential of your coffee beans with the Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper. Elevate your brewing experience and savour the richness and complexity of each meticulously crafted cup.



Stainless Steel, Silicone

Brand: Espro


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    Generally Pour Over and Filter Coffee have a water to coffee ratio of 1:15.
    Although it is important to know that some coffee tastes better at a lower or higher ratio and that numbers are just a guide.


    Depending on a range of different factors your pour over coffee might be really quick and only last 1 minute or can last up to 10 minutes. Most pour overs generally take around 2-4 minutes and consistently long pour overs may be a result of stalling.


    The hotter your water is the higher amount of extraction will occur. Put simply, this is all you need to know but when it comes down to dialling-in your coffee you can change your water temperature to change the flavour of your coffee.

    Water For Coffee 

    The method, technique and overall recipe you use to brew your pour over coffee is known as your 'Brew Method'.
    Depending on how many pours your use, the level of agitation when pouring and the brewing equipment you use will all determin how your coffee will taste.

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