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Arlo Rug - Handmade Jaipur Indian Brewing Rug

Arlo Rug - Handmade Jaipur Indian Brewing Rug

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The Arlo rug from Flinders Street Rugs is a stunning handwoven rug that captures the beauty of traditional Indian design. The intricate pattern is stamped with rich blue dyes, creating a bold and eye-catching statement piece. The rug's highly structured and balanced design will bring a sense of uniformity to your space, while the cooling blue colour tones will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Arlo is the perfect rug for any room in your home. In particular we feel this is the perfect company to relax with your next pour over coffee, or transform your living room.

Handmade and hand stamped in Jaipur, India.


1 x Arlo Rug

*Brewing tools / furniture are not included


Measurement: 1800 x 1200mm



Brand: Flinders Street Rugs


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