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WDT Needle Tool with Magnetic Base

WDT Needle Tool with Magnetic Base

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Clumps and bumps can turn your espresso shot into a channelled and splattered disaster, lucky for you distribution tools have come a long way from just scraping the remaining coffee grounds out of the basket.

This WDT Needle Tool is a great way to break up clumps of coffee and distribute coffee grounds around your portafilter. This ensures your coffee is evenly spaced out around your basket and helps to even out the density across your coffee puck.


  • Magnetic base
  • 8x Needles + 2 extra included
  • 0.5mm Needle Diameter 
  • Foam scratch resistant base (safe to use on wooden bench tops)

WDT Coffee Espresso Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne magnetic wdt needle coffee tool

How To Install

To install the WDT Needle Tool, simply push the 8 needles into the base, you may need to wiggle these around to get the right angle. To replace damage needles gently pull them out and replace with the new needle.

Connect the magnetic WDT Tool to the metal base until you are ready to use again.


1x WDT Needle Tool 

10x Needles (Replaceable)

1x Magnetic Base

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