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Wacaco Picopresso Pressure Gauge

Wacaco Picopresso Pressure Gauge

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Upgrade your Picopresso espresso game to the next level. Seamlessly attachable to your Wacaco Picopresso unit, this pressure meter provides real-time monitoring and control for precision brewing.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced barista, this gauge serves as a valuable teaching tool, aiding in the finessing of your pumping technique. With the Picopresso Gauge, you can dive into the world of micro-pumping and improve your brewing process to a more controlled level.

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Why Pressure in Espresso Matters?

Having control over the amount of pressure your espresso is extracting at is useful for a couple different reasons:


Being able to measure the pressure of your shot will help you to replicate this same pressure for future espresso shots.


Staring your espresso with a slow pump and small amount of pressure introduces your puck of coffee to your water and helps to evenly wet all the grounds before reaching full pressure and extracting at a higher pressure..

Pressure profiling:

Extracting espressos at different pressures can help to layer the textural element of your espresso and bring out a much more complex range of flavours.

Picopresso Pressure Gauge Features

  • Direct pressure reading:
    Levels up your Picopresso experience and a better understanding of the brewing process.
  • Easy to attach: Seamlessly attaches to the Picopresso, instantly transforming it into a real mini espresso machine.


1 x Wacaco Picopresso Pressure Gauge

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