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Basic Barista

Basic Barista Coffee Dosing Cup 58mm

Basic Barista Coffee Dosing Cup 58mm

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These single dose coffee cups are perfect for storing your single doses of coffee beans before they are ground, perfect for cafes who offer single origins or decaf.

You can also grind directly into these and because of the dimensions of these cups they will fit perfectly into a commercial 58mm portafilter.

These plastic coffee dosing cups are stackable and can be marked easily on the lid using a whiteboard marker or if you prefer the more traditional approach you can label the coffee on some tape and then add that to the container.

As well as being cheaper than other dosing cups on the market, these also happen to be a little bit shorter in size reducing the amount of air inside the tube.

labelled lid Ethiopia Washed 20 grams Single dose coffee beans


Capacity 20-25g of coffee (aprox)

H 3.5cm x W 6.3cm (5.6cm internal width)

Compatible with standard 58mm portafilters


1x Individual dosing cup / 1x 10 Pack dosing cups


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