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Origami Aroma Server

Origami Aroma Server

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The Origami Aroma Server is made from the same Mino-Yaki porcelain found in the famous Origami Drippers, it also happens to fit the Origami Dripper perfectly making a super aesthetic brewing combo set up.

Ceramics can be considered better than glass for coffee because it is a better insulator. This means that it can keep the heat in the coffee cup better than glass, which will help to keep the coffee hot for longer. Additionally, ceramics is generally more durable and less likely to break than glass, which makes it a better choice for use with hot liquids like coffee.

Another reason that ceramics may be considered better than glass for coffee is because it can add to the overall enjoyment of the coffee drinking experience. Many people find that the feel of a ceramic cup in their hands is more pleasant than the feel of glass, the material can also add a unique aesthetic element to the coffee drinking experience.

Brew, Serve, Drink and take your coffee experience to the next level with the Origami coffee Aroma Server

This server has a 400ml capacity


1x Origami Aroma Server - White

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