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Single Dose Coffee Centrifuge Tubes

Single Dose Coffee Centrifuge Tubes

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These test tubes are perfect for freezing single doses of your favourite coffee beans, they fit around 20g of coffee and can be reused over and over to safely store your beans in the freezer.

Whether you are storing coffee for a month, year or longer this system of storing single doses of coffee beans in the freezer can be a fantastic alternative to vacuum sealing, the 20g capacity is ample enough room for 1 dose of filter or espresso beans. 

The coffee bean test tube are available as either individual tubes, a 25 pack or a box of 500 tubes. This way you can grab as little or many as tubes as you like.

Keeps Coffee Fresher

To keep your coffee beans fresh and tasting great for longer, you can freeze them in different ways. The easiest way is to squeeze out any air from the bag of coffee beans and put it in the freezer. But once you defrost them, use them quickly and avoid opening / closing the bag often because it exposes the beans to fresh air. Another way is to vacuum seal individual portions of coffee beans by pre weighing them, which can be done with vacuum sealing or reusable centrifuge tubes. These tubes prevent air exposure and can be used multiple times. However, they may not always fit the desired amount of coffee beans due to variations in bean sizes.

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  • Medical Grade Polypropylene
  • White area for labelling your sample
  • (Please note that if you order any amount of tubes other then 25 these can no longer be considered sterilised and will be shipped in different packaging)
  • Leak Proof Cap Seal
  • Capacity of 50ml liquid / 20g of coffee approximately
  • Durable plastic that can be reused over and over to store coffee beans
  • Can be stored in the Freezer


1x Individual Test Tube / 1x 25 Pack Test Tube

Also Available in Box of 500 (1x Box = 20x 25pk Tubes)


Measurement: 33.5 x 33.5 x 115mm
Weight: 12.5g
Tube Diameter: Ø 29mm / Cap Diameter: Ø 33.5mm
Coffee Bean Capacity: 20g


Medical Grade Polypropylene

Brand: Westlab


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Customer Reviews

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Best way to store coffee

These tubes are perfect for dosing my coffee and fit 20 grams of coffee.