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Hario Glass Kyusu Teapot

Hario Glass Kyusu Teapot

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The ideal companion for loose leaf tea lovers!

We have been on the search for the best tea brewer and when we came across the glass Hario kyusu teapot we were impressed. Not only by its simplicity in design but in its practical functionality.

If you are familiar with any of Hario’s other glass products you will understand how deceiving their glass is. They have mastered a thin & durable quality that we all love in their products as well as still maintaining the glass’s renowned heat-resistant properties that Hario is famous for.

The built-in Stainless Steel filter allows for a generous water flow to ensure steeping of tea leaves occurs as efficiently as possible. The filter is super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. We recommend washing the glass components by hand under warm running water just to be sure your teapot lasts.

After testing many teapots we have decided to stock this size in particular. 450ml brews a couple large mugs or a handful of smaller cups, this caters for both solo and social tea drinkers.

Simply adjust how much loose leaf you use according to your tea recipe and how many cups brewing.

For most teas we recommend that you use a minimum of 1-2 teaspoon per cup and steep for 2-4 minutes. Below is a general guide of the water temperature we recommend when brewing your tea. For a much more accurate guide refer to your tea packaging.


Green tea  74 to 85 degrees celsius

Black tea  95 degrees celsius

Oolong tea  95 degrees celsius

White tea  85 degrees celsius

Herbal tea  95 degrees celsius

Included in the box:

1x 450ml Teapot

1x Glass lid

1x Stainless steel filter

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