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Basic Barista

Basic Coffee Grinder Cleaning Kit

Basic Coffee Grinder Cleaning Kit

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Maintaining your grinder and keeping it clean is very important no matter what shape, size or model you have. Usually to clean a grinder you will need to give it a good brush to dislodge all the built up coffee grounds and oils and then remove said particles with the duster, some people like to use a cloth for a more detailed clean and make sure there is nothing left behind.

Basic Barista Cleaning Cloths 2Pk: 

Grinders, Benches, Polishing your favourite dripper? You can never have too many cloths around. These just happen to be the best barista cloths available, made from 250gsm microfiber they are thin enough to get in between crevices and large enough to be folded over so your steam wand doesn't burn you.

Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush:

You have a new grinder! take care of it with our Basic Barista Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush. These brushes are perfect for reaching into the internals of grinders, sprucing up burrs and dislodging built up coffee oils and fines. *Please note that there is a plastic brush already included with the C2 grinder.


Basic Barista Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush


Reusable Coffee Ground Air Duster Cleaner

After brushing and dislodging built up coffee grounds, blast them out of your grinder with this air duster! Powerful, easy to use and best of all you can use it over and over again unlike a canned air duster.




1x Basic Barista Cleaning Cloths (2pk)

1x Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush

1x Reusable Coffee Ground Air Duster Cleaner

*Please read the instructions on your particular grinder model for the best way to clean and maintain it.

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