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AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The AeroPress is a standard coffee brewing device for many baristas, it offers a compact brewer that is light weight and capable of producing delicious tasting coffee. It is versatile enough to make your own recipes/variations of a recipe and compatible with an enormous range of aftermarket products.

The AeroPress brews remarkably delicious Americano, Espresso like coffee and Cold brew style coffee. The AeroPress is optimised for traveling, camping, traveling to work or just going for a walk. The AeroPress’ smart design ensures that you will never be without delicious coffee wherever you go.

3 AeroPress features:

  • Durable and packs down into an extremely lightweight portable size.
  • Incredibly versatile and can brew many different styles of coffee.
  • Compatible with third party adaptors and attachments

Made from:

The AeroPress Go is made from food-grade Polypropylene BPA-free Plastic. While the Seal is made from food-grade non-toxic Silicone. The included 350 micro-Filters are made of a biodegradable and compostable paper.

Included in the box:

  • Main Chamber
  • Plunger with rubber seal
  • Stirrer
  • Measuring scoop
  • Filter cap
  • Funnel
  • Filter Holder
  • 350 x Micro-Filters (1 Year supply)

Quick Travel AeroPress Recipe:

  1. Secure a pre-wet micro filter paper in the cap and attach to your AeroPress. Place the chamber with the cap over your cup (Cap side facing down).
  2. Grind 15 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans into your AeroPress chamber.
  3. Slowly pour enough water to wet your coffee grinds up to the number 1 marking. Let your coffee grinds degas/bloom.
  4. Continue to pour slowly in circles until you reach just above the number 3 marking, attach your plunger and gently plunge until you have extracted all of your coffee.

Drink straight or water down with boiling water to taste and enjoy your freshly brewed filter coffee.

Manufactured by AeroPress


Measurement: 140 x 110 x 100mm
Weight: 226g
Diameter: Ø 108mm (Chamber Ø 60mm)
Capacity: 295ml


Polypropylene & food-grade silicone (Seal)

Brand: AeroPress


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