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Christmas Coffee Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and it with over 200 Coffee Brewing products available we wanted to narrow it down and make choosing the right gift for you loved one this year fun and as easy as possible.

Considerations to help narrow your search:

Unwanted gifts are the worst, no one wants an accessory to a grinder they don't have. Making coffee can be personal and usually people don't want to have something that they can't use so our solution to this is to find out the answer to these 3 questions before going any further.

#1 What coffee do they drink?

Espresso, Pour Over, Latte, Iced coffees all require different equipment to prepare and knowing the answer to this question will help out heaps in pointing you closer to the right direction.

#2 What Equipment do they already have?

Don't double up! Check there set up before you make a purchase, Do they have a Grinder? Kettle? Dripper? Maybe they have been talking about upgrading a grinder for ages or maybe they have a stovetop kettle but are always complaining they should've grabbed an electric kettle. Having this insight is a great way to give you more info into what could make the perfect gift. 

#3 What budget do you have? 

Working within your budget is great way to identify what type of gift to purchase, for instance if you have a budget of $50 but you are looking to upgrade their grinder this makes a very challenging mission. But $50 can get a couple of bag of really nice specialty coffee beans, knowing your budget can help narrow down your search.

I don't have the answer to these questions!

Don't stress! We have the perfect gift for when you have absolutely no idea what to get your loved ones. Coffee Beans! Theres nothing better than a freshly roasted bag of coffee for your coffee lover to explore.

Basic Barista coffee Beans Specialty Coffee Filter Roasted Coffee Basic Barista Coffee Beans Geaisha Yellow Bag Design Adventure Cartoon coffee bag gift Christmas Gift Guide

Just be sure to get them the right coffee, generally speaking here is how you can tell:

Brew Method: Roast Type:
Filter Coffee, Pour Over, French Press, AeroPress, V60 Filter Roast
Espresso, Latte, Moka Pot Espresso Roast

What's the difference between Filter Roast and Espresso Roast?

To put it simply, Filter Roasted coffee is usually lighter with more acidity and flavour from the origin and process. Espresso Roasted coffee on the other hand is generally roasted darker as it is designed to extract quickly and under pressure, this results in more roasty burnt flavours and is perfect for milk based coffee drinks.

For coffee novices:

For those who may have experience with espresso or instant but are consider to get into pour over coffee we have 2 directions we can talk about. First, let's discuss the benefits of pour over coffee for those who are familiar with espresso or instant coffee.

On-The-Go Coffee Maker:

Making coffee on the go is a passion for many, something about the outdoors paired with a cheeky mid-day pick me up gives people the time to appreciate the wilderness followed by the energy to continue their adventures.

If you are buying for an outdoor lover, or maybe your loved one is looking for a portable option to make coffee at the office then we recommend the AeroPress.

AeroPress have been around for quite some time and actually was even the first home coffee equipment I purchased when first starting out my specialty coffee journey. 

AeroPress Coffee Maker Portable Coffee Maker AeroPress Coffee Brewing Brewers Barista Coffee Gear Plunger coffee maker specialty coffee brewers

AeroPress is particularly loved for being a compact and portable option to make tasty filter coffee at a high quality, AeroPress can make some super delicious coffee and doesn't give up on flavour.

The Filter Coffee Traveler is another fantastic and very popular gift idea, with most coffee equipment sure to fit it's the best way to carry around your coffee equipment.

Basal Filter coffee Traveller Coffee Kit Travel coffee kit Basic Barista Melbourne Australia Cafe Coffee gear Equipment

The Home Set up:

Maybe your coffee loved one is a home body, moved into a new apartment or is just looking for a cheap alternative to instant coffee.

Pour over coffee with a Hario V60 can be an inexpensive option to making coffee at home taste sooo much better, while pour over can be a little intimidating at the very beginning after your first brew you will taste a massive difference from instant coffee.

Hario V60 Best Budget Coffee dripper cone conical pour over drip coffee maker Basic Barista Coffee Gear Brew Gear Hario V60 Coffee Cone

Reusable options for AeroPress and Hario V60:

Both the AeroPress and the Hario V60 require paper filters and while these are easy to use and taste good having a reusable option saves money and is better for the environment. 

The Able Filter is our number 1 recommendation for AeroPress, being able to stash this low profile metal disk in the AeroPress cap doesn't take away from the portability and it still makes tasty coffee.

Able Disk Combo Reusable coffee Filter for AeroPress Coffee Filter Stainless Steel Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

The Aji Filter is a fantastic paper filter alternative, made from a high quality hand loomed 100% natural cotton the Aji Filter turns into a silk-like texture when wet. This helps to hug the walls of the dripper and create a better seal when brewing.

The Aji Filter is also perfect for beginners as it is fast flowing, one common issue that everyone who makes pour over coffee experience (but particularly beginners) is stalling or choking. Choking occurs when you have fine coffee particles clog up the holes of your paper filter and slow down your pour over coffee, resulting in a 5,6 or even 10 minute brew time. Luckily the Aji Filter is a fast flowing filter, meaning stalling is reduced heaps and you can extract your coffee higher.

aji filter reusable cotton coffee cloth filter Basic Barista Reusable cloth filter conical flat bottom filters

Do they need a Pour Over kettle?

Stove top or Electric kettle?

Deciding on an Electric or Stovetop kettle can be a little challenging, weighing up both types of kettles and where you plan on using your kettle is the best way to making a decision. Generally speaking a fast way to work this out is by identifying if your coffee set up is going to be near a kitchen. If yes then maybe a stovetop is your best bet, otherwise an electric kettle is probably the right choice for you. 

Electric Kettle:

Elevate your pour-over coffee game with an electric coffee kettle. These kettles not only heat your water but also allow you to control the water temperature, making them perfect for barista basics and coffee enthusiasts. While electric kettles tend to be priced higher due to their heating elements and additional electronics, they offer unique features that are often overlooked.

Fellow Stagg EKG Pour Over Coffee Kettle Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

One standout feature exclusive to electric kettles is the temperature hold function. This feature ensures a consistent temperature over time, which is a game-changer for making multiple coffees or single cups with longer brew times. It's a practical gift for coffee lovers, making it an excellent coffee gift or a thoughtful Christmas gift.

However, when considering electric kettles, ask yourself if you truly need the fancy timing features and automatic on/off options. Is it worth it to invest in these additions, or are you content with a basic barista tool that gets the job done without the extra frills?

Stove Top Kettle:

Enhance your pour-over coffee experience affordably with a stovetop coffee kettle, offering most of the features found in electric kettles at a fraction of the cost.

Since they don't require a plug or heating element, manufacturers can pass on the savings to you. Stovetop kettles are an excellent choice for those with limited kitchen space, small countertops, and basic baristas looking to improve their coffee brewing without a hefty investment.

However, before choosing a stovetop kettle, consider a few factors. You'll need to find a suitable storage place when it's not in use, which is often overlooked. Additionally, be aware that stovetop kettles offer slightly less temperature control. You'll need to closely monitor the thermometer to reach your desired temperature, which can be a bit tricky at times. This might lead some to opt for electric variable temperature kettles. Whether it's a coffee gift or a Christmas gift, stovetop kettles offer an affordable solution to enhance your coffee-making experience.

Our Favourite Electic Kettle - Varia Smart Control:

When looking at different kettles, the Varia is a great option.

The Varia Smart Control Temperature Kettle, the ultimate brewing companion. Designed for coffee enthusiasts, it offers a perfect blend of form and function. With rapid heating, adjustable temperature settings, and a digital display, it's a coffee lover's dream come true. The kettle's quick 5-minute heating time and temperature range from 60°C to 100°C ensure you can achieve precise water control for the perfect brew.


Varia Smart Control Electric Temperature Coffee Brewing Kettle Pour over coffee kettle flow control Basic Barista Australia Melbourne


The 360º Rigid Base allows you to swivel it effortlessly, while the gooseneck spout guarantees a controlled, steady pour. Its 1L capacity and LED display keep you in the know about the water level and temperature.

Whether you're a coffee or tea lover, the Varia Smart Control Kettle is destined to become your go-to for all your hot water needs.

Upgrade their server / Dripper?

As many coffee lovers know, you can never have too many coffee drippers, Drippers are a fantastic way to. make pour over coffee and for those who already have one theirs no harm in trying another. Comparing the subtle changes in taste from dripper to dripper is a challenge but a great way to build your sense of taste and explore more ways to make coffee.


Timemore B75 Crystal Eye Coffee Dripper Pour Over Coffee Brewer dripper drip coffee maker Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Pour Over coffee Equipment


My experience has been that people who don't know much about coffee tend to avoid purchasing drippers as gifts, I put this down to because they either don't understand how drippers work or the decision becomes overwhelming. Either way I would argue that a coffee dripper is one of the best gifts you can get for a pour over coffee lover.

Coffee gifts for the Pro-Sumer 

R2 Extract Refractometer:

The DiFluid R2 Extract Refractometer is a tool that helps measure how strong your coffee is, this is the key to dialing in coffee to the correct parameters. Measure different coffee brewing methods and the results of each experiment. 

R2 Difluid Coffee Refractometer Basic Barista Supplies Coffee Brewing Equipment R2 Extract Coffee Refractometers

Aquacode Water Brewing Minerals:

Water is the second most important ingredient making up to 99% of your coffee beverage, Aquacode is a mineral sachet that is used to mineralise your water to make the perfect solution to brewing coffee with.

We stock the 7L Aquacode, each tin has 12 sachets that each mineralise up to 7-10L of water at a time, you can use this for either espresso or filter coffee.

Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water Cafe Water Minerals Water Coffee Brewing Tools Mineral Water Coffee water for coffee Barista Basics Basic Barista

WDT Distribution Tool:

A WDT tool is designed to evenly distribute your coffee grounds in an espresso puck prior to tamping and making coffee, it can also be used for agitating your bed of coffee grounds when making pour over coffee.

WDT Tool Weiss Distribution Technique WDT Tools Portable Needle Coffee tool accessory accessories Coffee Tool Basic Barista Australia Melbourne Coffee Brewing Equipment cafe coffee gears


Solid Wooden Tamper:

A small accessory can make a world of difference, the Pullman Nexus Exotic Tampers are a solid and stunning piece of coffee equipment. Amplifying your coffee experience to the next level with every tamp.

Pullman Nexus Exotic Tamper Basic Barista Coffee Tamper Real Wood Wooden Barista Coffee Accessories Accessory Tamp Coffee Cafe Equipment

Airscape Coffee Canister:

A Great way to keep your coffee fresh, can easily fit1kg of your favourite coffee beans and make your coffee taste better regardless if it's your first or last brew.

Airscape's patented lid design goes the extra mile, expelling and sealing out the air to keep your coffee and other ingredients fresh. Just press down on the inner lid of the Airscape coffee Canister to release air through the valve, then lock in the freshness by closing it.

Airscape Kilo 8 inch Coffee Canister Basic Barista Cafe Coffee Gear Melbourne Australia How To Keep Coffee Fresh in a cafe Barista Coffee cafe equipment Coffee Beans Storage store coffee fresh saver coffee beans

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