AeroPress Vs Hario V60  Basic Barista Coffee Maker Review

AeroPress Vs Hario V60

AeroPress and Hario are arguably the most well known coffee brewers, we think this is particularly due to their approachable nature and entry level price.

While each brewer is completly different they are both known to have their advantages and disadvantages, in this article we are going to unpack the AeroPress and the Hario V60 to see which brewer is best for you.


AeroPress is a well known coffee brewer with a cult-like following in some areas of the world. The AeroPress coffee maker is loved among travellers who still want a great tasting coffee with low maintenance, that is easy to use and can make a range of different styles of coffee. 

The AeroPress coffee maker includes a range of different accessories and recently has been made available in it's AeroPress Go variant, an even more travel friendly coffee maker with a smaller chamber and has the ability to pack down into a travel cup.

AeroPress Coffee maker components

What coffee does the AeroPress make?

The AeroPress makes a huge range of different coffees and it is a super forgiving brew method, this is because of the way that the AeroPress brews (Immersion) Immersion is a style of brewing that involves steeping the coffee grounds in water rather than percolation that involves passing water through coffee grounds.

While Immersion brewing styles are more forgiving and can accommodate difficult coffees, Percolation coffees like pour over from the Hario V60 can at times be more challenging to brew with but offer a much more clean and transparent cup of coffee.


Basic Barista AeroPress Recipe:

Basic Barista AeroPress Recipe How to make coffee with the AeroPress Coffee Maker

Hario V60 Dripper:

The Hario V60 is the best budget coffee maker, in fact the Clear Hario V60 Dripper is the most inexpensive coffee brewer we sell. The filter papers are also relatively inexpensive and always readily available.

 As we discussed earlier, the coffees made from the Hario V60 are super clean tasting in comparison, offers more complexity and clearer tasting notes in comparison to the AeroPress coffee maker.

Basic Barista Hario V60 Recipe:

Basic Barista Hario V60 Recipe How to make coffee with the Hario V60 Coffee Maker

Is The AeroPress still worth it?

The AeroPress is a much loved brewer and while it may be more expensive compared to the Hario V60, it does appeal more to travellers and people who want to dial in coffees without worrying too much about adjusting their variables (perfect for when you don't have a lot of coffee to play around with.)

Check out our full YouTube video where we do a full side-by-side coffee tasting:

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