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Varia VS3 Coffee Grinder Review

We have been lucky enough to be able to test the Varia VS3, it is a well-designed and solid coffee grinder that has been tested and thoroughly evaluated over the course of a few weeks.

This grinder is well built, feels great in the hand, and has been used with ease for Filter and Espresso brewing methods. In both cases, the VS3 produces a sweet and complex cup of coffee. Although we have not yet conducted a blind tasting between this and something like an EK43, the results so far have been very positive and I am happy to report that this grinder has far exceeded my expectations.

Varia Vs3 Coffee Grinder Basic Barista Melbourne Australia Electric Coffee Grinder


In terms of the pros, the cost is incredibly reasonable for a low retention, single-dose grinder that can accommodate the range of brewing methods that it does. The grind quality is top-notch and consistently produces fluffy grinds with very little to no clumping. The noise level is also very low, making it ideal for early morning coffee preparation when the family is still asleep. The grind adjuster is easy to use and provides a wide range of grind sizes, all the way down to the fine grind needed for espresso. Lastly, the cup quality is outstanding and consistently produces a very pleasant cup of coffee, whether it be for filter or espresso brewing.



The cons of the grinder are relatively minor. The grind speed is 160 RPM, taking around 33 seconds for a 20g dose at espresso grind, which may be too slow for those in a hurry. I feel that even though this is slower compared to other electric coffee grinders it still isn't a huge amount of time to wait for ground coffee. The static is also a slight issue, but it can be easily reduced by using the spray bottle that comes with the grinder, or by using your own RDT spray bottle.

In conclusion, the Varia VS3 is a highly recommended grinder for those in the market for a new one or even a mid tier coffee grinder that will out perform most other entry level hand grinders and be a fantastic starting point.


I have also enjoyed the simple yet noteworthy bellows attachment that solves most problems with retention caused by any static build up.

The Varia VS3 grinder also has a bunch of replacement burrs available depending on your budget and needs, more on this in the future. 😆 

As an everyday driver for espresso, as well as a single dose grinder for grinding and brewing a range of different brewing methods this grinder provides a relaxed and enjoyable brewing experience.


For more details be sure to check out our product listing where we go over all of the features that this grinder has.

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