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Sibarist Fast Filters Review

Sibarist coffee filter papers

Our Journey with Sibarist started at MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Expo) 2022. Their passion and knowledge about coffee was a standout that transformed from a conversation about coffee to developing into stocking their range of specialty coffee fast filters.

Sibarist's Range of Filters:

Sibarist make a range of filters for all sorts of different brewers, from Flat bottom drippers to conical and even their new incredibly innovative espresso range of filters that aim to brew filter coffee on your espresso machine.

Sibarist Flat Filters (185):

The Sibarist Fast Flat Filters are suitable for Kalita and Orea V3 and are only available in the 185 size. These filters come perforated and are easy to fold to fit your dripper. You can use these filters on both the Orea V3 155 and the 185 size, there will be some hang over at the top but this will only effect the aesthetics.

Sibarist Fast Conical Filters Specialty Coffee Cone Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Sibarist Cone Filter (Small 01 / Medium 02):

The Sibarist Cone Filters are the perfect solution for most conical brewers, they easily fit the Hario V60, Graycano dripper, Origami dripper and most other conical drippers. The size is easy to understand, '01' is the same as 'Small' / '1-Cup' and the '02' is the same as 'Medium' / '4-Cup'.

Sibarist Cone Filter (XL):

The Sibarist Fast Cone XL filters are much larger than the 02 size and are made to suit coffee brewers like the 03 Hario V60 and the Chemex Coffee Maker. The material used in the XL dripper is the same as the Fast flat and fast cone filters.


ESPRESSO branded Sibarist filters are a range of filters designed to make filtered coffee on espresso machines, improving the extraction consistency and puck yield with greater cup clarity and in turn achieving better cups of coffee.

Sibarist have 3 Espresso Filter papers available, these filters are available in 50, 53, 55, 57mm size to suit any portafilter basket.

Sibarist Espresso (Soft)

Sibarist Espresso (High Cellulose)

Sibarist Espresso (High Membrane)

Sibarist Fast Filters Specialty Coffee Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

What are Sibarist Fast Filters Made from?

The selection of materials and Sibarist's manufacturing process are focused on achieving the highest possible quality over any other factor

The FAST line is composed of a mixture of abaca fibre from plantations in Ecuador and the Philippines (where the product consumed is replanted every year to then be harvested, offering an entirely sustainable process. Cellulose fibre from European pine plantations (FSC and PEFC) and organic plant-based (non-fossil) polylactic acid.

The main component, abaca fibre, is finer and more porous than other fibres, giving FAST paper good permeability (leading to a higher extraction speed), while offering great tensile and tearing strength in wet conditions, bringing structure and resistance to the composition, with a low substance (less paper). Additionally, the fibres are pulp made from non-wood fibres. This facilitates clean in-plant processing, essential for eliminating the presence of external flavours in the cup and for offering a high-quality filter, while it can also be processed in a more sustainable way.

Sibarist Fast Flat Filters Orea V3 Specialty Coffee Flat Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Sibarist Fast Flat Filters with Orea V3:

Sibarist Fast Flat filters are the perfect match for the Orea V3, this combo is fast flowing with a flat bottom and no waves protruding out. The walls sit perfectly flat creating a low bypass and ensuring as much of your brew water interacts with your coffee.

Sibarist Fast Flat Filters Orea V3 Specialty Coffee Flat Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

How to set Sibarist Fast Flat Filters:

  1. Start by orientating the filter the right way up, you can easily tell by seeing which side the perforations are supposed to fold.
  2. Gently fold against the perforations and Pinch the corners folded.
  3. Place this into your Orea V3 dripper and pre wet, start by wetting the centre of your dripper and then work your way to the walls.

Hario Switch Glass Immersion Coffee Dripper Basic Barista Coffee Gear Brew coffee Dripper Pour over coffee filter

Sibarist Coffee Filters x Hario Switch Recipe:

This combo is a match made in heaven, Sibarist Fast Filters paired with the Hario Switch Immersion Dripper gives you a full range of an unrivalled coffee brewing experience. Teaming up fast flowing filters with immersion brewing gives you a full bodied coffee with no lingering aftertaste.

  1. Place your Sibarist Fast Cone Filter in your Hario Switch Dripper and pre-wet, grind 20 grams of your coffee finer than usual and place this in your filter set up and make sure the switch valve is in the open position.
  2. Pour 150 grams of water (95ºc) and let this coffee draw down into your server.
  3. Close the valve once this first pour draws down completly and start your next pour, pour in a circular motion making sure to cover all the grounds that float to the top. In this secondary pour we are going to aim to use a total of 150g 
  4. Stir your coffee and churn the bed, then Leave this to brew until your timer hits the 3 minute mark. Press the switch to open the valve and let your brew draw down. 

Sibarist Fast Flat Filters Orea V3 Specialty Coffee Flat Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne

Sibarist Filters Price:

Sibarist filters are arguably the best quality filters money can buy, that being said these filters are not cheap. Sibarist 25pk Cone / Flat filters retail here in Australia for around $25.00 - 28.00 AUD, this is the equivalent to $1.00 each.

So with such a high price tag are Sibarist Filters worth it?

Are Sibarist Filters Worth it?

Sibarist have been featured numerous times on many barista competitions and for good reason, they are fast flowing and taste great. This high extraction flavour that many of us have come to prefer is gaining popularity and is easy to achieve with Sibarist Fast Filters.  

For competitors often their filters are not their biggest expense, the time and cost of their coffee is usually the biggest so asking $25 for a great tasting, fast flowing filter paper is no problem at all. 
For the daily home barista, I don't think these filters are the best option. They are very expensive and I feel putting your money into a better grinder or better coffee beans will have a more positive impact than the filters.

In saying this, at under $50 price range this still is relatively cheap compared to what this will get you for a coffee grinder. What I like to do is have a range of filters at any given time, I don't like using the same filter over and over, I find that different filters bring out different characteristics of different coffees and by having an arsenal of filters to choose from will give you a range of options to tackle a new coffee with.

For me having the sibarist filters as an option for tricky coffees is invaluable, being able to experience a very slow drawing down coffee at close to a 2 minute brew time will taste very different from using the Cafec Light roast Fitler profile filter papers for example.

 Sibarist Fast Circle Filters  Specialty Coffee Circle Filter papers Basic Barista Australia Melbourne




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