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Beginners Guide To Brew Gear

Brew Gear Guide Basic Barista Coffee Gear

There are many reasons why people choose pour over coffee, discover a hobby, develop a better sense of taste and to get a caffeine buzz just to list a few.

In this blog post we are going to hopefully give you enough information to help you compare and decide on what brewing equipment is right for you but before we get into that you will need to ask your self why you are making coffee and what coffee you want to make.

Where are you making coffee?

1. To make and drink coffee at home

2. To make coffee when out (travel friendly)

What coffee do you want to make?

Some brewers make just one type of coffee while others are very versatile and can make a bunch for example a V60 just makes pour over coffee where as an AeroPress can make all sorts of different types and has many attachments and adaptors to achieve different results.

What is your budget?

Cheap gear is really good to start off with and can be fantastic for travel but the quality is usually reflected in the price. On this note more expensive gear isn't always the better option, depending on what you value and how you plan on using your equipment, the more expensive option may not be the better option.

For example the Acaia Pearl scales are expensive and do a fantastic job when it comes to precision and consistency, these scales would be a terrible option to take on a camping trip and I am sure you would prefer to use something like the Basal Pequeno Scales that you wont mind if they get a bit dirty / scratched up

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On this note it is also worth mentioning that although a Plastic V60 might look like a more cost effective option compared to an AeroPress, in order to achieve a similar result you may need to purchase other equipment such as a gooseneck kettle or equivalent option to give you better control of your flow rate. 

This last point may seem too in-depth but I feel sometimes is overlooked when choosing whats right for you.


Kalita Wave Sandstone Dripper Basic Barista Australia Melbourne  Hario V60 02 Clear Plastic Filter Coffee Pour Over Dripper Budget friendly coffee gear Basic Barista Australia Melbourne
Hario Switch Immersion Dripper Basic Barista Australia Melbourne
Feature AeroPress Kalita Wave Origami Dripper Hario V60 Plastic Hario Mugen Hario Switch
Travel Friendly Yes No No Yes Yes No
Aesthetics No Yes Yes No No No

Under $60


Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Beginner Friendly


Yes No No Yes Yes


No Yes No No Yes


Wave 185 1-2 Cup 1-4 Cup 1-4 Cup 1-4 Cup
Immersion / Percolation




It is hard to make a good coffee with cheap coffee gear but it is a lot harder to make a good coffee from low quality beans. Along with the coffee beans you use we also did not take into consideration the coffee grinder you pan on using.

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