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Basic Barista

Basic Barista Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush

Basic Barista Wooden Grinder Cleaning Brush

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Our grinder cleaning brush has soft-med bristles and is constructed using a metal sleeve to hold everything in place. The brush is fastened onto a wooden handle for a durable yet elegant design.

Over time coffee grinders of all shapes and sizes build up with oil and fines that can make your coffee taste really bad. In most cases cleaning your coffee grinder will usually mean to just brush away and dislodge the fine coffee grounds and then to blow them out of your grinder with the duster, after this some people like to use a cloth to remove any small amounts left.

This brush is perfect for getting into all the crevices and dislodging any large / small coffee particles. You can use this brush on ceramic, stainless or any other type of burr set.


1x Grinder Cleaning Brush with Wooden Handle


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