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Origami Dripper

Origami Dripper

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Introducing the much anticipated Origami Dripper, Made in Japan from high quality Glazed Mino-Yaki Porcelin this dripper is as versatile as its counterpart pour over brewers with a couple exceptions.

The Origami Dripper has a folded 60º conical shape, this means that you can comfortably fit both cone shaped (Hario V60 Filters) & wave-type (Kalita® Wave Filters) filter papers. When using cone shaped filters a gap is left in between the indentations of the dripper, promoting more air flow and less resistance when brewing or for a higher contact area use the Kalita-wave filters to hug the folds and leave less of a gap when brewing.

The Origami dripper is available in both a S/M Size. The S-Size is the equivalent to an 01 Hario V60 dripper while the M-Size is the equivalent size as the 02 Hario V60 drippers.

Included with each Origami dripper is a durable plastic ring that holds the dripper in place over your vessel/Mug, this is optional and the Origami can fit into some brewing stands as well.

Overall the Origami Dripper is a lightweight, minimal design pour over brewer that makes a fantastic tasting filter coffee.


1x Origami Dripper s/m

1x Origami Dripper Ring

Suitable Filters :

Origami Paper Filters  s/s , M/M

Hario V60 Filters s/01 , M/02

Kalita Wave Filter s/155, M/185


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