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Aram Espresso Maker + Steel Support Brown

Aram Espresso Maker + Steel Support Brown

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Portable, fully manual and no electricity required, the Aram Espresso Maker brings the best espresso you have ever tasted with a beautiful design.  

To make delicious espresso at home, simply fill up your Aram with hot water, put your ground coffee in your basket and start turning the handle.

The speed applied to the handle controls the water pressure, providing full control and in immersive experience to pulling a shot of espresso. 

This is a beautiful espresso maker that suits any brew bar / kitchen. 


1x Aram Espresso Maker 

1x Steel Support

1x Shot Glass

1x Tamper

1x Double filter basket 53 mm

1x Naked Portafilter 

1x Tool Driver supporter

1x Funnel


Coffee Maker: 304 Stainless Steel & Noble Wood

EPDM O'rings food grade

Steel Support: 1020 Steel galvanised and powder coated.

*Please allow for extended delivery time for this item, 1-2 weeks. Email updates will be provided along the way.  All preorders will be prioritised before new orders. 


Measurement: 317 x 170 x 220mm
Weight: 4.06kg


Coffee Maker: 304 Stainless Steel & Noble Wood
EPDM O'rings food grade
Steel Support: 1020 Steel galvanised and powder coated.

Brand: Aram


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Espresso Basic Barista Basics


Espresso is one of the most concentrated beverages that humans can't seem to get enough of. Making perfectly dialed in coffee can be challenging at times but is not impossible, especially with the right tools.


    When brewing espresso you are constantly adjusting your variables to dial in your coffee. The coffee to water ratio is one of these variable.

    Generally an espresso has a 1:2 Ratio but this isn't always the case and sometimes the word 'espresso' acts more as an umbrella term for coffees that are outside of this ratio.
    A Lungo has a 1:3 ratio and a ristretto has a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water.


    Brewing espresso at different water temperatures will change how your coffee is extracted and the overall taste of your espresso.
    Using a hotter water temperature will increased the body and sweetness but will have a greater chance of astringency and bitterness, while cooler water temperature will reduce bitterness, body and sweetness and can resulting in a sour, brighter espresso.


    Pressure is a critical factor in brewing espresso, typically measured in bars. The most common pressure for extracting espresso is around 9 bars. Proper pressure ensures optimal extraction, balancing the flavours and aromas.

    Adjusting your pressure throughout the one extraction is known as pressure profiling and is an entire rabbit hole in itself.


    Grinding your coffee right before you brew will drastically improve the taste of your coffee. The reason for this is that once you grind your coffee it has a much larger surface area and straight away starts to loose it's freshness.

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