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Airscape Kilo 8" Large Coffee Canister - 1kg

Airscape Kilo 8" Large Coffee Canister - 1kg

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Traditional airtight kitchen containers, while sealing out external air, tend to trap stale air inside with your ingredients. Introducing the Airscape range of coffee canisters, the perfect solution for coffee enthusiasts.

Airscape's patented lid design goes the extra mile, expelling and sealing out the air to keep your coffee and other ingredients fresh. Just press down on the inner lid to release air through the valve, then lock in the freshness by closing it.

The Airscape range of air canisters are made from a durable, restaurant-grade steel body that makes the Airscape strong and sturdy while resisting stains and minimising odour retention. The BPA-free, clear top lid allows you to see how much is left in the container and allows for easy storage and stacking. 

We stock the Airscape range in available in the Large (1kg) size and in either Black (Charcoal) or Matte White.


  • Locks out air using the air valve 
  • Capacity of 1.1kg 
  • Stain resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Visible inside with transparent lid -no need to open it up to check
  • Stackable
  • BPA free material


  • Colour: Matte Black ('Charcoal') / Matte White
  • Dimensions: 203mm (H) x 175mm (D)
  • Finish: Matte finish
  • Size: 8'' / 20cm
  • Material: Galvanized steel with powder coat on the inside & outside of the canister.


1x Airscape Kilo 8" Large Coffee Canister - 1kg (Matte White / Charcoal)

Brand: Airscape


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Customer Reviews

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Daniel B
Best coffee container!

We used to store our 1 kg bags of ground coffee in a sealed container in the fridge, but by the time we got to the end of the bag, the coffee was always a bit dry, affecting the crema on our espressos. Now, with this stylish new container, we don't need to refrigerate our coffee. It's incredibly satisfying to use, and our coffee stays fresh for 3-4 weeks, maintaining its quality from start to finish.