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Origami Air Dripper

Origami Air Dripper

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Your favourite dripper, now in plastic! 

The Origami Air S Dripper is the newest creation to come from Origami, an adaption of their original Origami dripper the Origami Air is made from a plastic resin material to improve heat retention while brewing and increase the drippers durability.

The Origami Air S Dripper also features more pronounced fins towards the base of the dripper, this lifts your filter off the dripper more so (particularly Kalita wave style filters.)

Cheaper than Porcelain:

The new Plastic Origami Dripper uses an AS resin (similar if not the same material used in the Clear Plastic Hario V60 drippers) means that the price should be lower than the Mino-Yaki Porcelain Origami Drippers

Because The Plastic Origami Dripper uses a different material and this can effect your brew in a couple of different ways, the first being the retention of heat, the way that material interacts with the filter and the resistance caused by the dripper.

If the Plastic Origami Dripper is anything like the Clear Hario V60 dripper it will have fantastic heat retention inside your brew.

Deeper Exit Hole:

The new Plastic Origami Dripper has a deeper and more pronounced rims towards the exit hole, we believe this is an upgrade the right direction as it improves the filters interaction with the dripper.


1x Origami Air S Dripper

*Please note that the Origami Dripper Ring is sold separately. 

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