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Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water

Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water

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Aquacode is manufactured by a Taiwanese company specialising in Coffee brewing water concentrates, this water mineral is derived from a deep see Aquamarine and represents a fantastic solution to brewing coffee at home. 

The average cup of coffee consists of 96% water and most of this water that comes from a tap is not ideal for brewing coffee. You can make your own brewing water but this requires some chemicals, distilled water and the whole process will take some time to learn.

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Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water is a concentrate of minerals that can be added to distilled / deionised water and even normal 'soft' drinking water.

Melbourne tap water is actually relatively soft considering that its TDS averages 31ppm, while places like Sydney has a TDS average of 118 and Brisbane a TDS average of 270ppm. Please not that your water may be different depending on your exact location and you can find this out with a quick google search.

How to use:

You will need 1 container large enough to hold your water. Add 5-7L of deionised / distilled water to your container depending on your desired dilution rate. Add 1 sachet to your water and be sure to squeeze out all of its contents, (this is much easier to do in comparison to other companies as Aquacode is in liquid form rather than undissolved powders.) Give it a shake and you are ready to use it in your kettle :)

Whats included:

1 x Tin of 12 Aquacode sachets 

1 x Dilution Chart


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The water you use to brew coffee with will largely impact the final taste to your coffee.
Mineralising water to brew coffee with will have a monumental effect on the taste.


    You can make your own water to brew with, purchasing bulk minerals to brew with are cheap and accessible online.
    That being said this is the hardest approach to go about making brew water for coffee.


    Aquacode, Third Wave, Apax Lab are all pre made profiles of water minerals.
    This is the easiest option to make great tasting coffee, simply add your minerals into water and use this to brew coffee with.


    To test the effects that certain minerals have on coffee you can brew up a batch of coffee, pour this into multiple cups and add different minerals to each sample to taste the difference.

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Brew Water For Coffee - Mineralise water for brewing coffee water minerals - Third Wave / Aquacode / Lotus Basic Barista

Water For Coffee

The water you use to brew coffee with can largely impact the... 

Customer Reviews

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Great products to boost your coffee


Packaging is cool.
Liquid form of product makes it much easier to get water mixture ready for brewing.
Compared to other solid salts products of the market which required some agitation to get it to dissolve, this is a much better experience.
Would definitely recommend to others on the hunt for pre-made coffee water solutions.

Cheers Gerard!
Glad to hear you are loving these Happy Brewing!
The Basic Barista